With unlimited enthusiasm Tobias gives the impulse to think in a new, creative and different way. He is brim-full of positive energy, provokes, motivates and animates the audience to hold a mirror up to them. That is precisely the way he shows his viewers how to get back the superstar in their lives – Why this is only possible without a “Bewohner”, why you shouldn’t give a shark flowers and why daddy has always sweets in his pockets? Let’s work this out – together!

From “Bewohner”

Who is only focused on the negative aspects of life …

To “Ant”

Who just wants to do a good job …

To “Diamond”

Who wants to be put under pressure to grow and shine …

To “Superstar”

Who only has one mission in life: Help other people grow!

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No participant will ever forget this keynote! Starting with the “Bewohner”-model to the four different types of people and finally to superlearning – your audience is in good hands with Tobias! Let Tobias surprise and inspire you.

Öffentliche Seminare


Starting with personal development then on to training as a professional speaker – Tobias’ seminars are emotionally moving and inspiring. Experience days full of excitement and new realizations!

Tobias Beck Consulting


Leadership and employee motivation are topics Tobias conveys in a smart and practical way. As a lecturer, an executive in a DAX company and successful start-up founder, his special fields are: Change Management & Bottom-up Management

Years of partnership
Lufthansa Partner
Peek & Cloppenburg
Deutsche Ärzte Finanz
Retten ist Gold

With raw honesty, Tobias shares the struggles he's dealt with, the paths it has led him down and the learnings he's gained from it all. The result is a collection of gems which will help you form an amazing relationship with yourself and others.
John Strelecky , #1 Bestselling author of The Why Café and The Big Five for Life

Unbox Your Life will help you do just that--unbox your life and in the process discover your life’s mission. Personal discovery and sense of self-worth is the foundation of any healthy relationship which is why the private victory must precede the public victory. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to build relationships that last.
Sean Covey , President, FranklinCovey Education and New York Times best-selling co-author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Tobias Beck is one of the best speakers I have ever seen on stage! The way he presents, his attitude towards life, his professionalism and his authenticity make the audience feel his great sense of humor, his honesty and enthusiasm for life. He is a real exception-appearance! I learnt lots of great things from Tobias which I am teaching on my own today! I love to work together with him! If he was not there, I would not be there today, where I am right now! Thanks again, all the best, Matthew!
Matthew Mockridge , Entrepreneur & Coach

This rarely happens to me. But after my own speech on 07th March 2015 at GEDANKENTANKEN, I sat on my own in the audience and I could not believe what I saw! I have never ever seen before a man who had the audience under control like he did. I thought: Fuck, how is he doing that?! He can do everything with them he wants to do! Tobias Beck is one of the best speakers on the german market. That's it. Only my own ego keeps me from the saying "the best" ; - ) We developed a great friendship and partnership. I love working together with him! When I leave my audience I am sure that they will be impressed.
Alexander Hartmann , Reality Hacker & Coach

Tobias Beck is a 100% Vapianisti! We created our company vision together: "All we do, we do with love to refresh your life" - and this vision represents Tobias completely! He is not only a great motivator, speaker and facilitator, but also a visionary who leads us when we go in the wrong direction. Every event with him is something special! - Simply the Best! Employees, Vapianisti and men - everyone is important to him!
Mario Bauer , CEO of Vapiano Franchising

Tobias Beck electrifies! When he comes on stage, people know at once: Yes, the show starts! He is able to catch everybody’s attention by his own enthusiasm for life, his charming and wise way. Over the years, we developed a great friendship - it is a pleasure to share the stage with him. He is the one who changes lives! A big compliment!
Maxim Mankevic , Trainer & Speaker

Tobias Beck is a speaker and facilitator who makes his audience make forget time and space. He is able to orient himself to the special characteristics of his audience in order to get maximal effects. With these special maximal effects I do not only mean pastime, like most of the speakers do, but he gives his audience food for thought. Moreover, he is able to gain an accurate view of the participants in order to become a valuable business partner for them. The mix of craziness and analytical and psychological knowledge is great for conventions and small leadership seminars. I look forward to further events with Tobias.
Gregor Gerlach , Co-Founder Vapiano

Tobias Beck is a reliable and sympathetic trainer and coach who is able to find solutions for difficult challenges, situations and issues with the help of team building and motivation. I appreciate his commitment and that I always learn something new when I meet him. His positive energy and enthusiasm for life is transmitted in a contagious way in a few minutes on his audience and participants. I love his openness and his constructive feedback. After our trainings I noticed at once changes in our company. His methods are effective and can be integrated in a very playful way. Even months after the training with Tobias, participants talk about this great experience and how this influenced their everyday and working life. integrate into everyday working life.
Michael Lutz , General Manager, Ameron Hotels

Tobias Beck has been working with us for nearly 5 years now. No matter if he is standing on a big stage or is working with a small group of people: Tobias has the gift of reaching people and bringing them to an "occupants free" world. Self knowledge, motivation, new perspectives, unexpected insights and a lot of new experiences paired with a lot of humor and sensitivity for every participant make Tobias trainings very special for us. The complexity of emotions and insights one experiences on his seminars are really impressive.If you want to be inspired, focus on the most important things again and if you want to fill up your energy storage, Tobias Beck is the right trainer for you.

Alexandra Jung , Martens & Prahl

The hotel industry is not an easy one. Many different characters work here together. Therefore it is important to love your job and to be passionate about it - every day. As Tobias alway says: "If you love your job, you have never to work again in your life."
This is why the SIDE Design Hotel works together with Tobias Beck who motivates and trainings our employees and executives.
Tobias lives for his profession and knows how to impress his audience. He is full of positive energy and knows how to show it to his audience. Meetings and trainings with Tobias are not boring at all. Rather, they prove how playful and very lively the way to success can be.
Keynotes and trainings from Tobias Beck are always great and highly recommended to anyone who wants to lead his team and company to great success.
Michelle David , Speaker SIDE Hotels GmbH & Co. kG

In the fast moving world we have to be quicker with our minds. This is only possible, if we solve internal blockades and move forward. Tobias Beck supported my Franchise Convention in January 2015 with more than 270 participants. With his presentation " GasseFreunde" the blockades in our minds are history now. If people hear words like "Bewohnerfrei" or "Zeckenzeitung" everyone is reminded that we have to avoid negative influences with tools we learnt from Tobias. With the help of Tobias, I generated more monetary success, a more positive attitude and energy in my company. Thank you for the positive energy in my universe.
Marcus Gelberg , General Manager, Janny‘s Eis Franchise GmbH

We love working with Tobias Beck! In 2014 and 2015 he facilitated our annual information events for our sales channel "travel agent" and "companies". This included two different presentations for 2 different customer groups and two different event concepts. The 120 participants learnt about the latest products in a professional, very entertaining, charming and informative way. He succeed in adapting the different groups!
Tobias support of our events was marked by outstanding motivation, creativity and passion which are necessary for any successful event. The guests and us, we loved it!
Katrin Grassl , Deutsche Lufthansa AG

I contacted Tobias Beck via social media channels. I noticed that he works as a coach for members of the DFV. That made me curious. So, I invited him to speak at one of our annual meetings .
He was great: very authentic and inspiring, captivating and entertaining! Tobias does that what he says - he is working for a society without energy vampires, a society with more gratitude. I support approaches that I absolutely share!
Torben Leif Brodersen , General Manager Deutscher Franchise-Verband e.V. (DFV), Berlin

Tobias Beck supports us for many years as a consultant. Firstly, he started as a motivator for our international sales department. There was so much positive energy that we decided to involve him in others departments of our company. Today, he acts for us as a coach in the areas of sales and internal motivation/communication.
Events with Tobias have a very emotional character. He is not like other trainers and coaches and does not use this typical motivator's "Chi-Chi". Instead of that everyone can identify themselves with the content Tobias is talking about. This reveals a long lasting effect.
Every event with Tobias Beck is great experience! Not only in german language, but also in english!
Stephan Horst , Head of Marketing, BUGATTI GmbH


Tobias Beck – English Keynote

Wer sind die Superstars des Lebens?

Tobias Beck – International Speaker, Consultant, Lecturer

Die 4 tierischen Menschentypen

Tobias Beck | Smart Entrepreneur Radio mit Matthew Mockridge

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